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You Can't Fix This
by writeatmidnight

Story Progress: Complete
July '06 - October '06

Rating: R
Summary: The boys run across a strange evil they can’t fight, and something horrible happens to Dean that Sam can’t fix.
Spoilers: minor for Hell House, couple for Faith
Characters: hurt!Dean, protective!Sam, worried!John
Pairings: Dean/monsteroftheweek (no Wincest, just brotherly love of the not-going-to-hell variety)
Warnings: Language, rape (this actually ends up being a strong part of the story, so just be aware), so much angst you could spoon it up and eat it, some pretty dark and disturbing scenes, this ain't a happy fic
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue. link:

*Story Index
Chapter 01: Can't Save Everyone
Chapter 02: Connection
Chapter 03: Don't Touch
Chapter 04: Break the Silence
Chapter 05: Tonight, Not Again
Chapter 06: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Chapter 07: Try Again
Chapter 08: Losing Dean
Chapter 09: The World
Chapter 10: Giving Up
Chapter 11: Leave
Chapter 12: Chink in the Armor
Chapter 13: Sacrifice
Chapter 14: You Could Be Happy

*Follow-up piece (one-shot)
Let Me Lose You

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I would love to read this, is it possible?

I saw this on Storyfinders and thought it looked so intriguing. Is there any way to access it or is it down for good? I am hoping it's available, so hoping!


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