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You Can't Fix This
by writeatmidnight

Story Progress: Complete
July '06 - October '06

Rating: R
Summary: The boys run across a strange evil they can’t fight, and something horrible happens to Dean that Sam can’t fix.
Spoilers: minor for Hell House, couple for Faith
Characters: hurt!Dean, protective!Sam, worried!John
Pairings: Dean/monsteroftheweek (no Wincest, just brotherly love of the not-going-to-hell variety)
Warnings: Language, rape (this actually ends up being a strong part of the story, so just be aware), so much angst you could spoon it up and eat it, some pretty dark and disturbing scenes, this ain't a happy fic
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue. link:

*Story Index
Chapter 01: Can't Save Everyone
Chapter 02: Connection
Chapter 03: Don't Touch
Chapter 04: Break the Silence
Chapter 05: Tonight, Not Again
Chapter 06: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Chapter 07: Try Again
Chapter 08: Losing Dean
Chapter 09: The World
Chapter 10: Giving Up
Chapter 11: Leave
Chapter 12: Chink in the Armor
Chapter 13: Sacrifice
Chapter 14: You Could Be Happy

*Follow-up piece (one-shot)
Let Me Lose You

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Someone was looking for this story on spn_storyfinders and having read their summary of the fic and finding it intriguing I was hoping to read it.

Unfortunately, well for me anyway, it seems to be flocked. Is there any chance that you could friend me and allow me the opportunity to read the story?

Now that I know I can't access the story I want to read it in the worst way.*yes, I know that's twisted and illogical, but what can I say that's just me;)*

Anywho, I'm off to friend you right now and as I said before I'd love it if you could friend me back, but if you'd rather not, no worries.

I have the same prolbem. Would love to read your fics before you take them down for good

I use LJ really infrequently, so I'm not sure why it's saying "access denied" each time i click on a link for one of these chapters, but is there a way I could see this story? I'm totally curious.

So... I search for the story on the and I didn't find it. I guess you delected. Anyway... I would you like to read the story, if you let me. Thank you!

I would love to read this, is it possible?

I saw this on Storyfinders and thought it looked so intriguing. Is there any way to access it or is it down for good? I am hoping it's available, so hoping!


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